September 19, 2015

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Race Rules

- Bib Pickup
- Refund Policy
- Bib Number Req's
Timing Req's
- Safety on the Course
- Full Marathon Course Time Limit
- Baggage Claim
- Entry Restrictions

Each runner must attend the Sports and Fitness Expo as there will be NO runner registration or bib pickup on September 19, 2015.


Bib Pickup

Bib Pickup will be available at the Sports and Fitness Expo.

There will be no BIB pickup on Race Day (Saturday).

  • A picture ID is required and we suggest you know your bib number.
  • Due to security reasons, we ask that runners make every effort to pick up their own race bibs at the Sports and Fitness Expo.  A picture ID is required.
  • Runners who are not able to pick up their bibs in person must make arrangements for a representative to pick up their bibs. Your representative must present a copy of your photo ID, his/her photo ID and a signed authorization form in order to claim your bib and goodie bag.THIS MUST BE HARD COPY.  NO ELECTRONIC COPIES WILL BE ACCEPTED.

Refund Policy

  •  Our current policy is that registration fees are non-refundable, even in the event of race cancellation. The only exception is for official military deployment (CED Orders).  Refunds WILL NOT be given for TDY or PCS orders.


Close Up of Marathon BibBib Number Requirements

    • All registered runners will receive a bib number that must be worn on race day. If you are not wearing your bib during the race, you will be considered a bandit runner and will be escorted off the course.
    • The bib must be visible and worn on the front outside of all clothing during the entire race.
    • Please fill in the necessary medical and emergency contact information on the back of the bib number. Use a pen or waterproof marker.
    • Do not alter the bib in any way.
    • Once assigned, bib numbers are non-transferable and must be worn by the registrant to whom they have been assigned.   If race organizers become aware that a runner has participated in an event with a bib that is not registered to the runner, both the runner, and the person whom the bib is originally assigned to will be prohibited from participating in future Air Force Marathon events


Timing Requirements

  • We use the B-tag bib which has the timing device built into the bib.
  • You will not receive a separate timing device.
  • Please do not fold the bib.
  • The Air Force Marathon is not responsible for lost bibs/timing devices.
  • Awards for the overall and military winners will be based on gun time; age category winners will be determined by chip time.
  • Chip times will be used for your official running time and on your certificate of race completion.
  • The timing device is disposable and does not need to be returned.

Safety on Course

  • For the safety and enjoyment of all event participants, the courses are restricted to registered runners/walkers, wheelchair division participants and official race personnel only.
  • No dogs, no strollers, no baby joggers, no bikes, no inline skates, no roller skates, and no wheeled vehicles (other than registered wheelchair and official Bike EMS and Patrol Teams) will be allowed on the 10K, half marathon and full marathon courses. Strollers and baby joggers are allowed for the 5K event only.
  • Violators will be disqualified and escorted from the course by race officials.
  • For the safety of all, the use of headphones is discouraged.
  • The sole responsbility of knowing and following the course rests with each athlete. No adjustments in times or results shall be made for athletes who fail to follow the proper course for any reason.

Full Marathon Course Time Limit

RunnerFor the health and safety of all participants, the entire full marathon course will close after 7 hours. This time limit will be strictly enforced. Public roads will be re-opened and all runners should be back at the finish line at that time. Any runner who refuses to abide by this policy will be disqualified from running the full marathon in subsequent years. After 7 hours, no official times will be given. There will be no exceptions to this policy. This limit is based on gun time, not on chip time.


Baggage Claim

  • A baggage claim tent will be available for all participants on race day near the Start Line. Runners must use the clear goodie bags provided by the Air Force Marathon at baggage claim. Remove the sticker from the back of your bib and place it on the designated spot on the clear goodie bag. All bags and persons are subject to search. Your cooperation and patience is appreciated. The Air Force Marathon is not responsible for unclaimed baggage. (Please note: there is no baggage claim for the 5K race on Friday.)

Entry Restrictions

  • All persons and carry-in items are subject to search.
  • All unattended bags and items will be removed from the premises.
  • The following items are not allowed:
    - No Pets
    - No Coolers
    - No Glass
    - No Alcohol
    Your cooperation and patience are appreciated.

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